Cezanne 5 recommended eyeshadows summary/comparison

Cezanne 5 recommended eyeshadows summary/comparison

Introducing 5 recommended eye shadows from Cezanne, an excellent cosmetics brand with affordable prices! We compared the features, colors, prices, etc. of each.

* All images are taken from the Cezanne official website * Product information is as of December 13, 2023

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beige tone eyeshadow

Cezanne beige tone eyeshadow

A beige-based color that blends perfectly with your skin. Recommended for those who are looking for a color that blends in with the skin. By layering three textures: glitter, pearl, and matte, it naturally emphasizes the eyelids and creates deep, big eyes.

It's a soft powder that melts into your skin, so it spreads smoothly and adheres tightly to your eyelids. Contains moisturizing ingredients (squalane and jojoba seed oil). Comes with double tip, price is 748 yen (tax included, same below).

bitter tone eyeshadow

Cezanne bitter tone eyeshadow

Brown eyeshadow in 3 transparent matte colors and 1 bright glitter color. Recommended for those looking for a matte eyeshadow with a sheer feel. For deep brown eyes with natural shadows. It's a sheer matte color that doesn't get dull even when layered. Adding clear colored glitter creates a three-dimensional effect and gorgeousness.

Since it is a fluffy and soft powder, it spreads smoothly and adheres tightly to the eyelids. Contains moisturizing ingredients (squalane, jojoba seed oil). Comes with double tip and costs 748 yen.

nuance on eyeshadow

Cezanne nuance on eyeshadow

All colors are the leading role! A nuanced color eyeshadow with a sheer shine. Recommended for those looking for nuanced colors with gentle coloring. Nuance colors that can be used in gradation or single color with 4 colors. It is a clear veil formula that does not get cloudy even if you layer colors. The powder adheres to the eyelids and provides a lasting sheer color without feeling thick.

The formula is rich in pearls, creating a satin-like finish with a lustrous shine. A smooth, moist powder containing 5 types of beauty oils (squalane, olive fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, macadamia seed oil, canina rose fruit oil) (all moisturizing ingredients). Comes with double tip and costs 748 yen.

tone up eyeshadow

Cezanne tone up eyeshadow

Easy with 3 colors! An eyeshadow with a moist feel that gives beautiful color and makes your eyes look bright and big. Recommended for those looking for a highly pigmented eyeshadow. A bright base that removes dullness, a neutral color that blends well with the skin and can be applied to a wide range of skin types, even those with dark skin, and a rich, highly pigmented tightening color that emphasizes the contours of the eyes and creates larger eyes.

A moist yet smooth formula with a high oil content. Contains fine pearls to remove dullness and lead to brighter eyes. Comes with double tip, price 638 yen.

single color eyeshadow

Cezanne single color eyeshadow

Single color eyeshadow that you can use by choosing only the color you want. You can also use them in combination. A moist powder with a rich oil content that adheres to the eyelids. There are 7 colors available including ``Pearl Beige,'' ``Pure Lavender,'' and ``Ice Blue.''

Contains 5 types of moisturizing ingredients (sodium hyaluronate, evening primrose oil, baobab seed oil, grape seed oil, rose canina fruit oil). The rolling effect of fine particles causes the particles to roll on the skin, leaving your skin smooth and smooth. The price is 440 yen.

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