Comparison of 4 types of Chifure lipsticks

Comparison of 4 types of Chifure lipsticks

Chifure's lipstick, which has high reviews, is a great item to have in your pouch. We have summarized and compared four types of lipstick, including tint, gel type, and lipstick type! All of them are reasonably priced and come in a wide variety of colors, so be sure to find the one that suits you!

*Product information is as of December 11, 2023 *All images are sourced from Chifure official website


tint lip gel

Chifure “Tint Lip Gel”

A tint-type lip gel that changes color depending on the moisture content of your lips, highlighting the charm of each individual. The oil-based plump gel gently protects your lips from dryness while giving your lips a rich gloss and moisture with just one application. Even after removing the tissue, the pale pink complexion stays in place and continues to develop. Contains macadamia seed oil as an oily emollient ingredient. Unscented.

There are 3 colors: gentle nude pink (158 pink type), deep rich rose (282 rose type), and yellowish warm red (583 red type).

Capacity: 4.3g (0.11oz)
Price: 3 colors, 1,100 yen each (tax included, same below)

lip gel

Chifure “Lip Gel”

A translucent, pigmented lip that gives lips a three-dimensional look with plump, gel-like moisture. With sheer color and rich shine, it creates moist and fresh lips. Makes wrinkles and uneven color on your lips less noticeable, giving you a plump and three-dimensional finish. Contains macadamia seed oil as an oily emollient ingredient. Unscented.

There are three colors: a transparent delicate pearl that gives a pure finish (001 transparent pearl), a gorgeous coral pink (135 pink type), and a bright rose that makes the pearl stand out (213 rose type pearl).

Capacity: 4.3g (0.11oz)
Price: 3 colors, 715 yen each

Lipstick (refill)

Chifure “Lipstick (refill)”

A moisturizing lipstick containing the same concentration (0.2%) of the moisturizing ingredient hyaluronic acid as "Chifure Intensive Moisturizing Serum." It spreads smoothly and fits your lips, creating a moist, plump, feminine pout. Contains macadamia seed oil as an oily emollient ingredient. Unscented. You can enjoy your original lipstick by combining it with the case sold separately.

There are 30 colors in total, including pink, rose, orange, purple, red, brown, and beige.

Price: 30 colors, 385 yen each

Lipstick Y

Chifure “Lipstick Y”

A slim type lipstick that does not easily fade and retains its freshly applied color for a long time. The color develops as you see it, leading to lips that stay as vibrant as when you applied them. Unscented.

Available in 9 colors including pink, rose, red, beige, and brown.

Capacity: 2.5g (0.18oz)
Price: 9 colors, 550 yen each

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