Canmake “Muchipur Tint” 2 new colors

Canmake “Muchipur Tint” 2 new colors

Canmake will be selling two new colors of "Muchipuru Tint" that will give you plump, plump lips from late December. The price is 770 yen each (tax included).


“Muchipur Tint” 2 new colors

Two new colors, ``04 Chocolate Milk'' and ``05 Fig Puree,'' are now available from the popular ``Muchipuru Tint,'' which went on sale in advance from late May this year and became a standard in the fall.

“04 Chocolate Milk” is a mature brown that is deep yet loose, making it easy to use on a daily basis. Reddish rose pink ``05 Fig Puree'' has just the right amount of blue, and is a reddish rose pink that is recommended not only for brevet but also for domestic.

CAMMAKE "Muchipuru Tint
04 Chocolate milk

CAMMAKE "Muchipuru Tint
05 Fig puree

Covers the vertical wrinkles of the lips while increasing the volume (due to the makeup effect) for plump, plump lips. The smooth and refreshing feeling of use is also attractive. Highly pigmented that brightens and tones up your complexion, and allows you to adjust the color by layering. A tint formula that provides beautiful color that lasts for a long time.

Contains melting oil and melts on your lips when applied. It has a smooth application feel and can be applied evenly and does not become heavy. Contains 6 types of beauty moisturizing ingredients (Vaseline, hyaluronic acid, collagen, argan oil (Argania spinosa kernel oil), honey, shea butter). The highly moisturizing effect keeps you moisturized without the need for lip balm. Fragrance, paraben, alcohol and silicone free.

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