rom&nd "Juicy Lasting Tint" 4 new colors

rom&nd "Juicy Lasting Tint" 4 new

colors rom&nd will release 4 new colors of its lip tint "Juicy Lasting Tint" on June 22. Available at variety stores nationwide; will be sequentially available at drugstores nationwide from September.

Juicy Lasting


rom&nd "Juicy Lasting Tint".

The Juicy Lasting Tint is a lip tint loved by many fans for its highly transparent luster and fruity color that does not become heavy even when applied over and over. Two of the four colors are limited-edition colors available only in Japan. The price is 1,320 yen each (tax included).

#31 bare apricot

rom&nd "Juicy Lasting Tint" #31 bare apricot

A light coral color reminiscent of apricot.

#33 bare vine

rom&nd "Juicy Lasting Tint" #33 bare vine

A mauve-pink color with a translucent feel like grapes.

#34 bare tangerine (Japan exclusive color

rom&nd "Juicy Lasting Tint" #34 bare tangerine (Japan exclusive color)

A nude orange color like sweet and sour tangerine with condensed milk. Nude orange beige gives a natural and fashionable look with a hint of blood color. It is an easy-to-use color that blends well, and is especially recommended for people with a yellowish skin tone.

#35 jujube jam (Japan exclusive color

rom&nd "Juicy Lasting Tint" #35 jujube jam (Japan limited color)

A deep red-brown color like a ripe persimmon. It is a trendy red brown with just the right depth. A sophisticated, nuanced color that creates a solid makeup look. Recommended especially for people with a blue base.