2 new colors “Cezanne Souffle Lip” and “Cezanne Lip Color Shield”

2 new colors “Cezanne Souffle Lip” and “Cezanne Lip Color Shield”

Two new colors from Cezanne Cosmetics, “Cezanne Souffle Lip” and “Cezanne Lip Color Shield,” will be on sale in advance at some stores from mid-January 2024.

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cezanne souffle lip

cezanne souffle lip

"Cezanne Souffle Lip" is a new lip product that has a creamy, soufflé-like soft and light finish. The name is a combination of "souffle" and "rare".

A well-balanced combination of matte powder and emollient oil creates a soft and light finish like a soufflé. Although the surface is smooth, it does not dry easily and is so comfortable that it feels like you are not wearing anything at all. Although it has a strong color, it has a color that allows the color of your lips to show through. It provides a soft, light finish and a feeling of adhesion that is easy to use even for people who are reluctant to wear matte lips. Fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free.

There are two colors: “01 Cashmere Red” and “02 French Rose.” The price is 660 yen each (tax included).

Cezanne Soufflare Lip
01 Cashmere red

Cezanne Soufflare Lip
02 French Rose

Cezanne Lip Color Shield 2 new colors

Sezanne Lip Color Shield 2 new colors
From left: 06 Rose Beige 07 Sweet Rose

Two mucous membrane colors that are easy to use even for adults have been added to the popular Cezanne Lip Color Shield, which forms a gel film by reacting with the moisture on the lips. ``06 Rose Beige'' brings out the elegant charm of adults, and ``07 Sweet Rose'' is a cute new color for adults that gives a sense of transparency to the skin. The price is 660 yen each (tax included).

Color shield formula that adheres closely and is difficult to remove. You can enjoy the freshly painted color for a long time. A soft, moisturizing formula that applies smoothly with a light touch. Contains 5 types of beauty moisturizing ingredients. Fragrance-free, alcohol-free, paraben-free.

cezanne lip color shield

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