It has suddenly become chilly. It's time to switch to heating for the air conditioner in the office. It is also the time when the inside of the office starts to get very dry.

Bruno's "TULIP STICK 2" is a must-have for such a dry office. This is an ultrasonic humidifier that can be placed on your desk. It is a cute product in the shape of a tulip.

The TULIP STICK 2 is a compact tabletop humidifier that humidifies the space around you by simply filling a special cup with water and inserting the main unit into the cup. It is ideal for use in the office, as it is powered by a PC's USB port.

The TULIP STICK2 comes with a case to store the main unit and cord. The case can be filled with water and used as a cup. It can be used not only in the office, but can also be carried to hotels and other places on vacation.

The color variations include "purple pink," "navy," "ivory," "yellow," and "coral pink. You can choose according to the situation around your desk.

The price is 4,104 yen. It can be purchased from the Idea International mail order site.