The other day, I saw an exhibition about "History of Watches" at a department store. According to it, the clock evolved from a "desktop clock" used on the desktop to a "pocket watch" that can be carried in a pocket, and when it was made compact into a "wristwatch", it stopped evolving in shape. That's right.

In the process of this evolution, it has evolved from a "desktop PC" used on a desktop to a "smartphone" that can be carried in a pocket, and it is a bit like the history of a computer that has been compacted to a wristwatch type like the Apple Watch. In fact, it seems that some pocket watches at one time had a shape very similar to that of modern smartphones.

By the way, how did the watch that evolved to the limit evolve after that? Some have evolved in the direction of seeking strict accuracy such as "radio clocks", but it seems that some have evolved (?) In the direction of "kawaii".

One such "kawaii" watch is the Remnos "Kukukakko Watch".

"Kuku Cuckoo Clock" is a cuckoo clock with a simple design. Since the dial is also simple, it is not possible to know the current time in seconds. However, at each hour on the hour, the little bird will sing the same number of times as that time, telling you what time it is. Since it has a light sensor function, small birds can take a rest after turning off the room. You don't have to worry about being woken up by a bark at midnight.

Many people think of a cuckoo clock as a large one that can be mounted on the wall. However, the "Kukukakko Clock" is a little smaller than the A4. It can be installed comfortably even in a limited space. It can be used not only as a wall clock but also as a table clock, so it can be used in rooms such as rented houses where the walls and pillars are not scratched.

You can purchase it at the Remnos online shop or at The price is 21,600 yen (tax included).