Sharp will release "Plasmacluster Slim Ion Fan (PF-HTC1)", an ion generator that doubles as a fan and has a new "floor purification mode" that increases the air volume by about 1.5 times. .. The price is open.

Full of functions that can be used not only in summer but all year round
Full of functions that can be used not only in summer but all year round

This product is an ion generator that emits high-concentration plasma cluster ions with a comfortable wind. By newly adopting a twin fan and four suction ports, it is possible to take in more wind efficiently, and it seems that the air volume is about 1.5 times that of the conventional model.

As a result, a large amount of wind containing ions is released near the floor surface, and a new "floor surface purification mode" is installed to deodorize and sterilize attached odors and bacteria on carpets and sofas. In addition, "clothes deodorization mode" that deodorizes the dry odor of room-dried clothes, "air volume automatic mode" that automatically controls the operation contents according to the temperature and humidity of the room, and "powerful" that cools down at once after taking a bath. It also has functions such as "mode".

The model is said to have been proven to have the effect of suppressing the dryness of the skin exposed to the wind by the water molecule coat formed on the surface of the skin by "High Concentration Plasmacluster 25000".

The main body size is W260 x D270 x H830 mm. It weighs about 5.7 kg. The standard floor area for AEON is about 14 tatami mats. Includes remote control and cleaning brush. There are two color variations, white and blue.