Anago Shironeko, who plays the role of Tamanosuke in the movie "The Cat Samurai Going to the South Island," will appear at a photo session on August 23 at the special venue on the 5th floor of Kiddy Land Harajuku store.

"Neko Samurai" is a work that depicts the interaction between the Ronin "Kutaro Kaname" played by Kazuki Kitamura and the white cat "Tamanosuke". The first drama was aired in 2013, the second drama was aired in 2015, and the movie version was released in 2014. On September 5, 2015, the second movie version "Going to the Cat Samurai South Island" will be released.

Anago is one of Japan's leading actress cats who is active in the NHK Taiga drama "Taira no Kiyomori" and various commercials, including "Cat Taxi". While it is sweet and scary, it is known as the best tsundere white cat in the world.

The first 50 people who purchased Neko zamurai goods on the day of the event can participate in this photo session. The Cat Samurai Goods is a series of miscellaneous goods and stuffed animals that faithfully reproduce the world view of the movie "The Cat Samurai Going to the South Island", and new products that have just been released are scheduled to be sold on the day.