MyVoiceCom conducts a questionnaire regarding the use of deodorants and air fresheners . It was revealed that the usage rate of indoor deodorants and air fresheners is less than 50% of the total, and has been on a downward trend since 2011. In addition, S.T.'s "deodorant power" was the number one deodorant and air freshener brand used in the last year, but P & G's "Fabreze" is also revealed to be the most favorite.

1. The use of indoor deodorants and air fresheners is on the decline . In response to the question "Do you use commercially available indoor deodorants and air fresheners in your home?" Only 47.8% answered. It decreased by 15.4 points from 63.2% in the 2011 survey and 9.4 points from 57.2% in the 2013 survey.

By gender, the usage rate is higher for women. By age group, the usage rate of people in their 30s is lower than that of other age groups.

By region, the usage rate in Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Kyushu was slightly higher than in other regions.

2. Deodorant / Air Freshener Used in the Last Year For the question "Please tell us the deodorant / air freshener brand you have used in your room in the last year." St.'s "deodorant power" ranked first with 29.6%. This is followed by P & G's "Fabreze" at 27.4%. Below, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's "deodorant source" (21.8%) and Kao's "Resesh" (20.8%).

For those who use Febreze and Resesh, women outnumber men by 10 to 13 points. In addition, "Fabreze" ranked first among women in their 30s and above.

3. 3. Most Favorite Deodorant / Air Freshener When asked "Please choose one of your favorite deodorants / air fresheners", "Fabreze" ranked first with 17.3%. .. The result showed the high degree of satisfaction of "Fabreze" users, with a difference of 1.9 points from "Deodorant power", which was ranked first in "Deodorants and air fresheners used in the last year". Kao's "Resesh" (10.0%), Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's "Deodorant Source" (9..3%), and Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's "Unscented Space" (5.7%) followed in third place and below.

By gender and age group, "Fabreze" shows the strength of women in their 30s or younger. On the other hand, "deodorant power" ranks first among men in their 40s and younger. Especially for men in their 20s and 30s, the ratio is a little less than 30%, which is higher than the whole.

Four. Deodorant for indoor use, commitment to air fresheners, proper use, etc./Reason for non-use (free answer)
"How do you use indoor deodorants and air fresheners in your home? Please tell us specifically what you are careful about and what you are particular about, and if you use more than one, how to use them properly. If you are not using it, please tell us why you are not using it. ”There were a total of 5,622 answers to the open-ended question. A relatively large number of respondents answered that they do not like fragrances, which confirms that the usage rate is declining.

◆ Things to be careful of when using, proper use, etc.・ For parts where the odor is absolutely anxious on a daily basis (toilet, trash can, etc.), we use it properly in combination with the spray type and the stationary type. There are a few cases where the spray type, which is easy to reach, is used to make up for areas that cannot be dealt with by the stationary type. (Male, 31 years old)
・ It is placed only in the toilet and entrance where you are concerned about the smell (female, 18 years old)
-Uses odorless and deodorant materials. If it smells, it will mix with the smell in the house and it will be a strange smell (female 29 years old)
・ I'm worried about the smell of pets, so it's most important to eliminate it (female 45 years old)
・ Used for disinfecting indoor-dried laundry and suits worn only once (female 56 years old)

◆ Not used ・ I don't like the scent of fragrances, so I don't use them first. Deodorants may be used, but they are avoided because many packages do not match the taste of the room (male 41 years old).
・ Do not use commercially available fragrances because they smell too strong and disappear quickly. (Female, 68 years old)
・ Since the smell of grilled meat has plasma clusters, no deodorant air freshener is used. I don't like the smell so I don't use it (female 67 years old)

The survey was conducted in the form of an internet survey from August 1st to 5th, 2015. The number of respondents was 10,395. Of these, 5,314 were men and 5,081 were women.