Oto Cycles in Barcelona, Spain has announced the latest version of its electrically power assisted bicycle, the Race R. It has both a cafe racer-like design and the convenience of an electrically power assisted bicycle.

RaceR is an electrically power assisted bicycle with a cafe racer bike-like design that was popular in the 1950s. The top tube is fitted with a bike fuel tank-like decoration to give it a bike-like look.

Another design accent is the "banana sheet". Straddle the Brooks saddle and you'll feel like a cafe racer.

Furthermore, even the headlights and taillights are like a motorcycle. With these small details, RaceR has a cafe racer-like appearance.

The electrically power assisted bicycle provided by Oto Cycles can be customized to the user's taste. In addition to being able to specify the color of tires and grips, accessories such as touring bags can be selected from a large lineup.

In this way, the Race R is equipped with the latest electric assist technology while having a 1950s-style look. The large-capacity battery installed under the seat is capable of assisting about 70 kg when fully charged. The torque of the motor is 32nm. It can carry people and luggage up to 120 km.

It's okay if the battery runs out. The Race R weighs 27 kg. It's the weight of two ordinary bicycles, but it's heavy enough to run without assistance even if you pedal.

The design of the cafe racer bike is beautiful, and many people still admire it. However, if you run the bike of that time in the modern city as it is, there is no doubt that people will dislike it due to noise and exhaust gas. But with RaceR, there is no exhaust gas or noise. It is an environmentally friendly, yet fashionable means of transportation.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to purchase from Japan. However, there are already dealers in the neighboring country, South Korea. In Japan as well, I would like to see an import dealer that handles RaceR with specifications that comply with the Japanese Road Traffic Act.