Today is the leading role Nya
Today is the leading role Nya

Today, February 22nd is "Cat Day". Speaking of the names of domestic cats, "Tama" and "Mike" are the major images (born in the Showa era), but what kind of names are there now?

The pet WEB magazine "Iris Pet Dot Com with Cats" operated by Iris Ohyama conducts a "Cat Name Ranking Survey" every year. The results of the 2016 edition have just been announced.

[Cat Name Ranking Survey 2016]
1st place peach (20 heads)
2nd place Kuro (19)
2nd place Hana (19)
4th place Coco (17)
5th place Shiro (16 heads)
5th place Sora (16 heads)
7th place Fuku (15 heads)
8th place Mei (14 heads)
9th place Kai (13)
9th place Chiro (13)

"Momo" won first place out of 1,694 valid posts. It seems that he has been ranked number one for eight consecutive years. Is it because of the ease of calling that the upper names are all two letters?

In addition, the site also announced the results of the "Census of Cats 2016". According to it, the most common type of cat is "MIX / hybrid" with 1,317 cats. Second place was "Scottish Fold" (79).

Scottish fold with cute broken ears
Scottish fold with cute broken ears

Also, regarding the "cat pattern", it was said that the 1st place was "Kijitora", the 2nd place was "Black and White", and the 3rd place was "Black". Did your cat's name or pattern apply? The site also introduces details of each ranking and other items, so if you are interested, please take a look!

After all my child is the best?
After all my child is the best?

The survey was conducted for Iris Pet Dotcom members. The number of valid responses was 839 (1,694). The survey period is from December 17th to January 17th, 2015.