The incense stick "Sakuma Drops Mini Cun Incense Stick" with the motif of "Sakuma Drops" is on sale from Kameyama. A collaboration product with Sakuma Confectionery.

"Sakuma Drops Mini Cun Incense Stick" is an incense stick filled with the scent of fruits. It contains four types of scents, "strawberry," "apple," "orange," and "melon," which you can choose according to the mood of the day.

The package uses metallic paper to give it a can-like appearance. I was particular about the real thing. It can be used not only as a daily memorial service but also as a fragrance and incense in the room.

The length of the incense stick is about 93 mm. The contents are 10 grams x 4 types of each scent. The price is 600 yen (excluding consumption tax).