"BIRDIE" is a camera holder with a parachute. It makes it easier to shoot from the sky than using a drone.

For example, when you come to the sea in a group, it is difficult to take a picture of all the members and the sea. Even if you use a selka stick, it is difficult if there are many people. In such a case, "BIRDIE" will play an active role.

When using, the action camera GoPro is attached. With the parachute part folded, throw it up. Then, the parachute opens in the sky and falls with the camera lens facing down. It is a mechanism that allows you to take a picture until it falls to the ground.

If you throw it well, you can take a picture that looks like it was taken with a drone. Of course, you can't shoot from as high a place as a drone, and you can't move around freely. However, the price of "BIRDIE" is one-fifth to one-tenth that of entry-level drones. Considering the price, it is possible to take pictures that are effective enough.

It measures 34x30x25 cm and weighs about 100 grams. Compatible with GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 4. It floats even if it falls into the water, so you can enjoy it safely in the pool or the sea.

It was developed by Ianai Urwicz. Urwicz, who lives in Uruguay, which has been talked about recently because former President Mujica came to Japan, is currently conducting a campaign to recruit investors on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo for the commercialization of "BIRDIE". At the time of this writing, one "BIRDIE" is available with a $ 35 investment. Shipment is scheduled for August 2016. The retail price after the campaign is over will be $ 50.