"Cleaning roller that eats quickly"

Adhesive cleaners (so-called "rolls") are very useful tools for cleaning carpets. It is an excellent product that adsorbs dust that cannot be sucked by a vacuum cleaner.

However, the tape is disposable. People who keep pets indoors have to repeat the work of peeling off the dirty part of the tape, cutting it with a perforation, and throwing it away on a daily basis.

Conventional roller
Reference image: "Korokoro" that is perfect for removing hair loss from cats. Unless the tape is disposable ...

The "cleaning roller that eats quickly" is a cleaning tool that may make it a little easier for such people to clean their carpets. It is a cleaner that uses an etiquette brush that does not use electricity or adhesive tape.

Move the cleaner forward and the etiquette brush will catch the hair loss. Then pull the cleaner toward you and the etiquette brush will rotate. It is a mechanism that a clean surface without hair loss appears and continues cleaning. The surface with hair loss is cleaned and cleaned during rotation to prepare for the next rotation.

"Cleaning roller that eats quickly" is a cleaner that utilizes an etiquette brush
"Cleaning roller that eats quickly" is a cleaner that utilizes an etiquette brush

Example of using "cleaning roller that eats quickly"
Catch hair loss that is difficult to remove with a vacuum cleaner

Hair loss is collected inside the cleaner. After cleaning, open the lid of the main body and put the hair loss in the trash can. The lid opens with a single touch, so you can easily dispose of trash with one hand.

How to dispose of hair loss with "cleaning roller that eats quickly"
Hair loss accumulated inside should be put in the trash can!

The biggest feature of the "cleaning roller that eats quickly" is that the handle is the tail of a cat. That's all, but the looks are much more cute. Do you want to clean this every day? ... maybe.

"Cleaning roller that makes you feel happy"
The inside of the cleaning tool set is very cute

You can buy it at the Felissimo shopping site. See the Felissimo website for pricing and purchasing options.

In addition, "cleaning roller that eats quickly" is not suitable for cleaning flooring, tiles, concrete, etc. Also, please note that it cannot be used on the pet's body.