Ultraman Collaboration Converse
Go out like a hero!

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the broadcast of the "Ultraman" series, a collaboration model with the sneaker brand "Converse" will be released in July.

There are three types of lineup: a high-cut type with the motif of Ultraman and Eleking, and a slip-on type with the motif of Alien Baltan. Details and prices of each item are as follows. * All listed prices do not include tax

・ "All Star Ultraman R HI"

All-Star Ultraman R HI
Picon Picon ...

A model that expresses Ultraman on the entire surface by dropping the body of Ultraman in the upper part. The ankle patch is designed in blue (right foot) and red (left foot) reminiscent of a color timer. The price is 9,500 yen.

・ "All-Star Eleking R HI"

All-Star Eleking R HI
Eleking that is chic

The black and white pattern of the space monster Eleking is printed on the entire surface. The white part of the upper is phosphorescent processed and seems to shine in the dark. The price is 8,500 yen.

・ "All Star Baltan Seijin R Slip OX"

All-Star Baltan Seijin R Slip OX

With the motif of the space ninja, Alien Baltan, the face of Alien Baltan is expressed with a slip-on type tongue (mudguard) part. 2WAY specification with laces of the same color as the upper. The price is 9,500 yen.

In addition, the insole "REACT" with each character printed is adopted in each case.

Ultraman Collaboration Converse
It's cool even if you take it off!

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