Character scale Doraemon

The electronic scale "Charascale Doraemon" with the motif of the popular character "Doraemon" was released today (July 4th) on the character miscellaneous goods sales site "Lana Town". The price is 4,300 yen (excluding tax).

This product is an electronic weight scale that has the functions of a clock and a thermometer in addition to a weight scale. Normally, the time is displayed on the LCD, so you can hang it on the wall or use a kickstand to make it stand on its own.

The main body size is H300 x W312 x D23 mm, and the weight is about 1.85 kg. There are two types of lineup: "secret tools & 4D pockets" and "icons & dots". Glass material is used for the top plate, and a replacement plate that can change the design of the top surface is also included.

Character scale Doraemon
"Secret tools & 4D pocket"

Character scale Doraemon
"Icons & Dots"

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