Rohto "Mentholatum Repair One Exfoliating Lip" and "Mentholatum Flash Tinted Lip

Mentholatum Repair One Exfoliation

Care Lip and Mentholatum


Tint L

ip will be released by Rohto Pharmaceutical's Mentholatum lip care brand on July 19. They will be available at drugstores, variety stores, and mail-order sites nationwide.

Mentholatum Repair One Exfoliation Care Lip

Rohto "Mentholatum Repair One Exfoliating Lip".

A scrub lip that provides exfoliation care and high moisturizing in a single bottle for repeatedly dry, chapped lips. Contains sugar scrub (sucrose) and large and small scrubs (silica and sucrose) to remove dead skin cells. It leads to smooth lips. Also, a moisture-penetrating formula for lips that tend to be rough. Contains moisturizing ingredients glycerin, CICA extract (tsukuba extract), and Vaseline.

Mentholatum Flash Tint Lip

Rohto "Mentholatum Flash Tinted Lip

A water tint formula that reacts to moisture on the lips to produce color. It is difficult to apply without hassle, as the color does not develop even if it peeks out. Contains six kinds of oil ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) such as squalane, shea fat, and olive fruit oil. The rich moisture prevents roughness caused by dryness.