K-Palette "K-Palette 1DAY TATTOO Liquid Eyeliner

K-Palette 1

DAY TATTOO Liquid Eyeliner Cosmetics brand K-Palette will release K-Palette 1DAY TATTOO Liquid Eyeliner. The product will go on sale on July 19, mainly at variety stores and drugstores. Priced at 1,320 yen per bottle (tax included).

1DAY TATTOO Liquid Eyeliner

The original color that stands out without being deliberate, creating a sense of omission by matching makeup and skin tone. The colors have been added to the lineup to make them even more appealing. In addition, K-Palette has blended several types of bristles of different thicknesses and hardness in a proprietary ratio for ease of application. The liquid is smoothly discharged from the appropriate gaps between the fibers, allowing the user to draw a smooth line with no smudges and a smooth, blur-free feel. This eyeliner can be used to create an eye look that matches the makeup of the day and your mood.

 K-Palette "K-Palette 1DAY TATTOO Liquid Eyeliner

01 Mellow Black: A dense black that makes eyes stand out clearly. The semi-matte texture with a low sheen creates an elegant impression.
02 Bitter Brown A mature brown color with no sweetness. It has both depth and a sense of discretion, and gives the eyes an attractive look.
03 Maroon Brown A brown with a hint of sweetness, like a maroon. This reddish color gives the eyes a euphoric look.
04 Brownish Orange A deep orange that can be used as an extension of brown. An exquisite color that is easy to use as a basic, but also stylish.
05 Darjeeling Pink A sweet but not too sweet, dull pink. With a hint of austerity, it is a cute color that blends in with adults.
06 Cinnamon Beige A fashionable beige that creates a loose look. A mellow, low-temperature color that gives lightness and depth to the eyes.

A new formula that combines high durability with flexibility to fit the face. The moment you draw it on, it adheres perfectly and stays put without falling off. Hybrid Tattoo Film" that keeps your morning beauty intact. A unique blend of several types of bristles with different thicknesses and hardnesses. The brush allows you to draw in the creases and curves of eyelashes as you wish. The particle size is uniformly and stably dispersed. The color material is present throughout the entire brush and the coloring line is even. Furthermore, the color can be kept stable for a long time, so beautiful colors can be achieved from the beginning to the end of the drawing. Easy to remove with lukewarm water.

05 and 06 are limited colors for some companies.