Sopo's new color "Smooth Liquid Liner" available at Family Mart

Sopo's new color "Smooth Liquid Liner" available at Family Mart

The new product ``Smooth Liquid Liner'' from the cosmetics brand ``sopo'' will be on sale at all FamilyMart stores from December 12th. The price is 1,045 yen (tax included). In addition, popular limited edition eyeshadow colors have made a long-awaited return.

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smooth liquid liner

sopo smooth liquid liner

“sopo” is a cosmetics brand that debuted in 2020 and has received support from customers of a wide range of age groups. The new "Smooth Liquid Eyeliner" is available in two new colors, "Smooth Black" and "Smooth Dark Brown," which are perfect for Christmas makeup. With a thin 0.1mm brush, you can fill in the gaps between your eyelashes and delicately draw your lower eyelashes. It is long-lasting and can be easily removed with hot water.

sopo smooth liquid liner

Revival “Eye Palette” Dazzle Beige

sopo "eye palette" dazzle beige

Sopo's popular limited edition eye palette Dazzle Beige is back on sale. The price is 1,460 yen (tax included) and it will be available at FamilyMart stores nationwide from December 12, 2023.

This eye palette features two matte sheer beige colors that bring out natural shadows. The top left has a warm, sparkling coral and gold glitter, and the top right has delicate pearls, allowing you to enjoy a variety of textures and color combinations.

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*It may not be available depending on the store.

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