FamilyMart "sopo" cosmetics new products

New products from the cosmetic brand "sopo" will be available at FamilyMart on March 29.

Sopo Eye Palette

This four-color eye palette, supervised by popular hair and makeup artist Yue Nakayama, focuses on both texture and color. A combination of matte, which gives a translucent look while providing solid color, and delicate lame, which is cute when layered over matte or used on tear ducts. Dull colors that are easy to use for everyday makeup are combined with accent colors that can be used as makeup points. Priced at 1,460 yen (tax included, same as below).

Sopo Eye Palette

01 Strawberry Chocolat" is a versatile pink palette. Create a gradation with the cozy pink beige and burgundy in the bottom row to give your daily makeup a sophisticated look. The striking fuchsia pink in the upper right corner can be placed under the black eye to enhance the transparency of the eye area. Finally, topping it off with lame will give it a glamorous look.

SOPO Eye Palette "01 Strawberry Chocolat

02 Smoky Blue" is a cool makeup for spring and summer. The yellow beige in the bottom row gives depth to the eyes, while the pearlized brown is a color that is not too strong when layered and can be used for office makeup. The dull blue in the upper right corner can be drawn like an eyeliner on the outer corner of the eye for a trendy look. Layer the lamé to create a gorgeous yet cool impression.

SOPO Eye Palette "02 Smoky Blue

Sopo Color Mascara

New spring colors are now available in the popular mini mascaras. 09 Mauve Pink" is an excellent color that can express both adult and cute looks. You can enjoy an elegant and sweet atmosphere at the same time and create a stylish eye look. The price is 935 yen.

SOPO Color Mascara "09 Mauve Pink

Sopo Nail Polish

The new nail polish colors are bright and spring-like. There are three colors: 06 Aqua Pool, a slightly glazed blue; 07 Pearl Lilac, a beloved pink-purple with lots of pearl; and 08 Leaf Garden, a green with polarized lamé scattered throughout. The price is 550 yen.

SOPO Nail Polish "06 Aqua Pool", "07 Pearl Lilac", "08 Leaf Garden

Sopo Powder & Liner

New colors are also available from the W-end type Powder & Liner, which combines a gorgeously colored eyeshadow and a creamy-textured pencil eyeliner. 07 Peach Ramune" is a combination of a translucent warm peachy-coral powder shadow and a cool ice blue liner. The price is 1,265 yen.

SOPO Powder & Liner "07 Peach Rumney