Landrin SAKURA Cherry Blossom 2024

Landrin SAKURA Cherry Blossom 2024

Nature Lab's premium home care brand "Landrin" will be selling a limited quantity of "SAKURA Cherry Blossom 2024", which is popular every year, from January 10th.

Landrin SAKURA Cherry Blossom 2024

Cherry blossoms are now loved by people all over the world, and are a symbol of Japan, giving the feeling of spring. ``SAKURA Cherry Blossom'' is a series that symbolizes Landrin's spring, developed with the desire to ``disseminate the scent of cherry blossoms to the world from Landrin, a Japanese fragrance brand.''

``Landrin SAKURA'' is a scent that combines the image that Japanese people have of cherry blossoms, such as the plumpness of cherry blossoms in full bloom, the lightness of them dancing in the wind, and the ephemerality of the moment they fall, and the urban personality of Landrin. The top notes of peach and cassis, and the middle notes of cherry and cherry overlap in an elegantly sweet and sour fragrance, and the final musk, reminiscent of Landrin's signature classic floral fragrance, gently envelops the entire scent.

The package takes advantage of last year's popular design and features an illustration of cherry blossom petals as the main theme.

Landrin SAKURA Cherry Blossom 2024

Landrin SAKURA Cherry Blossom 2024 Product Lineup


Landrin SAKURA Cherry Blossom 2024

Main unit: 600mL 767 yen Refill: 480mL 547 yen

Contains organically grown plant extracts. It suppresses unpleasant odors caused by the growth of bacteria when drying indoors. It is not only antibacterial, but also has the effect of reducing static electricity, preventing clinging to clothing, and the adsorption of dust and pollen. It can also be used on baby clothes to make clothes soft and smooth and reduce friction between skin and clothes.

From washing to wearing, the scent changes like a perfume: top, middle, and last. Please note that Landrin's fabric softener does not contain microcapsules.

fabric mist

Landrin SAKURA Cherry Blossom 2024

370mL 547 yen

When you want to enjoy the scent of the space or when you are concerned about the smell of fabric products. For cigarette odors, fabric products such as sofas, carpets, curtains, fabric coats, shoes, bags, and odors around pets. Contains organic extract. It not only deodorizes but also has a sterilizing effect.

room diffuser

Landrin SAKURA Cherry Blossom 2024

Main unit: 80mL 987 yen Refill: 80mL (with 6 sticks) 690 yen *Refills available only at Landrin official store

A room diffuser that provides a pleasant, high-quality scent that lasts approximately 1.5 to 3 months. Adopts a resin stick that absorbs oil well. We do not use bamboo, which is prone to fuzzing or bending, so the high-quality scent lasts until the end. The bottle, designed like a perfume bottle, is a glass container that does not easily fall over and will add style to any room. The 2024 version has added a new green accent to the stick.

room fragrance

Landrin SAKURA Cherry Blossom 2024

220mL 657 yen

A room fragrance that lasts for about 1 to 1.5 months. With an appearance that emphasizes design, it is a product that blends in with the interior of your entryway or room, rather than a traditional "hidden" air freshener.

paper fragrance

Landrin SAKURA Cherry Blossom 2024

1 piece 360 ​​yen

Hanging type air freshener. You can hang it anywhere you like, such as your room, closet, car, entrance, toilet, etc. The scent lasts for about 2 to 4 weeks.

car fragrance

Landrin SAKURA Cherry Blossom 2024

1 piece 547 yen

A car fragrance that provides a pleasant and elegant scent that lasts for approximately 30 days. The deodorizing effect makes the inside of your car a cleaner space. A convenient clip type that can be attached to the fins of the air conditioner vent. You can enjoy the pleasant scent caused by the ventilation.

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