Canmake “Tokimeki Twinkle Eyeliner”

Canmake 2023 Winter New Releases Summary

We would like to introduce you to Canmake's new products that will be on sale from late November. We have a lineup of face colors and eyeliners that you can choose according to your preference.

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mitone couture

Canmake “My Tone Couture”

Face color allows you to choose your favorite colors and create your own palette. The smooth powder adheres to the skin for long-lasting beautiful color. Can be removed with only face wash (only when used alone).

The lineup includes three textures: "GT (glossy type)" in all three colors, "PT (pearl type)" in all three colors, and "MT (matte type)" in all four colors. The price is 396 yen each (tax included, same below).

GT (Glossy type)

A transparent type with a moist texture. Contains a high percentage of pearls for a glossy finish that gives off a glow. Can be used alone as a highlight.

Canmake “My Tone Couture”

・ GT01 Crystal Dazzle: A beige that does not make your skin stand out and gives you a three-dimensional effect ・ GT02 Fruit Punch: Coral with a happy aura ・ GT03 Icy Lilac: A lilac with a sense of transparency

PT (Pearl type)

A pearl type with a moist texture and transparency. It has a natural glossy finish that seems to ooze out from within.

Canmake “My Tone Couture”

・ PT01 Pure Angel: Pale pink that gives a lovely and pure impression ・ PT02 Custard: Yellow that removes dullness and changes nuances ・ PT03 Mikan Smoothie: Fresh and lively orange

MT (matte type)

A matte type with a smooth texture and a soft finish. A natural finish with color that blends into your skin.

Canmake “My Tone Couture”

・ MT01 Peach Chai Tea: A mellow and elegant pink beige ・ MT02 Sakura Milk: A soft pink like a baby ・ MT03 Berry: A berry pink that creates a sexy look ・ MT04 Ash: A gray brown that creates a natural shadow

just form me palette

Canmake “Just For Me Palette”

A special case that can hold up to 4 colors of "My Tone Couture" (sold separately). You can create your own original palette by filling it with your favorite colors without throwing away any colors. Comes with a mirror. The price is 385 yen.

buddy duo brush

canmake buddy duo brush

Double-ended brush exclusively for "Just For Me Palette". It feels smooth on the skin and has plenty of hair, so it holds powder well, making it easy to apply blush, highlights, and shading. Of the 4 locations on the "Just For Me Palette", storage is possible by leaving the bottom 2 open. You can also carry it alone in the included carrying brush case. The price is 275 yen.

Tokimeki Twinkle Eyeliner

Canmake “Tokimeki Twinkle Eyeliner”

A new liquid eyeliner containing fine pearls that adds an elegant glow to the eyes. The bright colors blend into the eyes with the light effect of fine pearls, creating a relaxed look. A formula that is resistant to water, sweat, tears, sebum, and abrasion, and does not easily remove pearls. Felt pen type that is easy to draw and does not shake easily. It can be removed with just hot water. The price is 1,045 yen.

Color options (all 3 colors/limited release)
01 Cosmic Shower: Pink that gives an elegant and sexy impression
02 Starry Dew: A navy shade that creates clear, transparent eyes.
03 Spiral Galaxy: A pale gray color with sparkling pearls

Canmake “Tokimeki Twinkle Eyeliner”

perfect multi eyes

Canmake "Perfect Multi Eyes"

Introducing the elegant pink-red "Sleaze Chocolat" from the 5-color matte eyeshadow palette that can be used as an eyebrow or eyeliner. Matte x pink red gives a sophisticated impression. This is a red shadow that is easy to use because it has a sheer feel. The price is 858 yen.

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