"Cat Ear Dorayaki" from "Tamaan"

Using 14 kinds of carefully selected ingredients, "Tamaan" hand-baked dorayaki is popular when you can eat it like a cake. That Tama An will open a store in Hakata Marui from July 6th for a limited time. You can eat the rumored "cat ears dorayaki".

An example of "Tamaan" store sales menu
Reference image: Popular menu of "Tamaan" "Hakata Kuribo (raw Tamadora Mont Blanc)" It's just like a cake! (Note: This menu may not be available at limited-time shops)

What is called "Cat Ear Dorayaki" is Tamaan's "Tamadora" and "Raw Tamadora" series. As a result of trying to put as much red bean paste in the dorayaki, he arrived at the cat ear shape. The name "Tamaan" comes from Tama-chan, a local cat who lives in the suburbs of the store.

"Tama-an" model Tama-chan
"Tamaan" with Tama-chan + Anko! (Tama-chan's image is from Tamaan official website)

This time, "Dainyagon Butter" in the Tamadora series and "Hakata / Annyan" in the raw Tamadora series will be on sale. In "Dainagon Butter", salted butter from Miyazaki is added to Dainagon Azuki from Hokkaido.

Tamaan Hakata Marui Sales Menu Example: Dai Nyagon Butter
The point of "Dainyagon butter" is salted butter! The salty taste of butter enhances the sweetness of red bean paste

"Hakata Annyan" is a combination of apricot kernel made from fresh cream and milk. Many people are surprised at the unexpected taste.

Tamaan Hakata Marui Sales Menu Example: Hakata / Annyan
"Hakata Annyan" has milk and almond tofu! The shape that makes me think that I really wanted to put in as many ingredients as possible

The store will open from July 6th to 19th. Meanwhile, the Yakuin store will be closed. Hakata can be reached in just 5 hours by taking the Shinkansen from Tokyo Station. If you're excited to see Dorayaki with cat ears and can't stand even if you're there, why not go to Hakata on a day trip this weekend?

Mail order is recommended for those who say, "No matter how much you have cat ears, it's a little ...". For details on how to purchase, please refer to Tamaan's online shopping site.
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