17 dog breeds added to "Inuzukan", a seal with an illustration of a dog
One of the new "Inuzukan" works, Poodle is cute!

17 kinds of illustrations have been added to the dog-illustrated seal "Inuzukan". You can choose from a total of 77 types, but the long-awaited Shiba Inu illustration was a little different from the image.

17 dog breeds added to "Inuzukan", a seal with an illustration of a dog
Added 17 kinds of dog illustrations to "Inuzukan"

"Inuzukan" is a seal with an illustration of a dog on the seal. The dog's illustration and name are combined and can be used as a registration stamp at almost all major banks.

The name is not added to the illustration
Dog illustration + name = dog!

17 types including the expected Shiba Inu have been added this time. This made it possible to select from a total of 77 types of dog illustrations (62 types of dogs and 15 types of dog poses). The added dog breeds are said to have been requested by many customers.

17 types of dogs added this time
No. 60 Corgi, cute

It can be seen from the illustration that the company's illustrator is trying to meet the customer's request as much as possible. For example, in Chihuahua, a long coat with long hair and a smooth coat with short hair are drawn separately, showing a finish that does not seem to be on a small stamp surface.

Chihuahua added to the dog
Chihuahuas are abundant in variety!

Compared to these breeds, it seems that Shiba Inu are treated coldly, is it because of Shiba Inu lovers? The Shiba Inu is finally selectable with this addition, but the illustration doesn't look like a Shiba Inu. I've been waiting for the appearance of Shiba Inu for about 4 months since "Inuzukan" came out, but this treatment ... I think there are many Shiba Inu owners who are disappointed.

Shiba Inu added to Inuzukan
I think I've seen this kind of "person" ...

For details on prices, etc., refer to the website of "Inkan Hanko SHOP Hankozu".

By the way, 15 dog breeds such as Dalmatian, Afghan Hound, and Labrador (black) are scheduled to be added to "Inuzukan" at the end of July. I hope that a cute Shiba Inu illustration will be added.