Original stamp "GRAPH"
Whose stamp is it?

An online shop "OOiNN" that sells original name stamps and stamps has opened. Name stamps such as the original stamp "GRAPH" that incorporates a geometric pattern into the stamp are on sale.

GRAPH is a typography stamp constructed with a geometric pattern like a blueprint. Everything is made by the designers one by one, and you can enjoy a stamp design that is a bit different from ordinary stamps.

Original stamp "GRAPH"
An example of design. cool!

Engraving is in Chinese only. Five types of body are available, including a penetrating name stamp "BROTHER 10mm" (3,750 yen) and a synthetic resin "lacto material (10mm)" (3,800 yen) that can also be used for bank stamps.

In addition, the store is developing the "LOGO stamp" series, which uses stylish alphabetic fonts, and the "GOMU stamp" series, which allows you to make typewriter-style stamps. As a slightly unusual gift, it looks good for graduation and employment celebrations. * All listed prices include tax

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