Sanrio Character Rinse in Shampoo
The shape of the bottle is on your face!

From Sanrio, four types of "Sanrio Character Rinse in Shampoo" designed with popular characters will be released on August 30th. It can be purchased at drug stores and home centers.

There are four types of lineup: "Hello Kitty," "My Melody," "Pompompurin," and "Gudetama." In addition to the common moisturizing ingredients, it seems that moisturizing ingredients and scents that match the image of each character are blended. By the way, Gudetama has a mango scent.

The price is 540 yen (tax included) for each 300 ml. One sticker is included for the first time only.

Sanrio Character Rinse in Shampoo
There are 100 types of stickers!

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