Toilet tank and lever

MyVoiceCom conducts a questionnaire survey on "toilet cleaning" . The results of asking about 11,000 men and women about the frequency and timing of cleaning and the areas where they are dissatisfied with the lack of cleaning are summarized.

■ Frequency of cleaning the toilet at home
More than 90% of women and more than 60% of men clean the toilet at home. The most frequent cleanings were "almost every day" and "about once a week", which were around 20% each.

Frequency of cleaning the toilet at home

■ Timing of cleaning and goods to be used
When asked about the timing of cleaning the toilet, the most common answer was "If you notice dirt, clean it each time" (62.2%). Next, 27.9% answered that they "clean regularly at a fixed timing regardless of dirt". The percentage of young people who said, "Do it all at once when you have time" tended to be high.

Goods used for cleaning the toilet include "toilet cleaning brush", "toilet detergent: spray type", "toilet detergent: liquid, gel", and "toilet cleaning sheet / tissue". As measures other than cleaning, there were also responses such as "covers and sheets are used to prevent dirt in advance" and "toilet bowls that are hard to get dirty".

■ Parts to be cleaned or dissatisfied due to lack of attention
When I asked the person who cleans the toilet what to clean, "the puddle part of the toilet bowl", "the back side of the toilet bowl edge", and "the outside of the toilet bowl edge" Many respondents answered, about 80% each.

Places to be cleaned in the toilet

In addition, when we asked all the respondents "the part that they are dissatisfied with because the cleaning is not perfect", "the back side of the edge of the toilet bowl" (36.2%), "the nozzle of the warm water washing toilet seat" (20.8%), "the toilet bowl "Puddle part" (18.7%), "inside the tank" (16.4%), etc. were mentioned. While the ratio of "inside the tank" as a place to be cleaned is low, it tends to be high as a place to be dissatisfied.

Places where you are dissatisfied with poor cleaning in the toilet

■ How to clean and care for the toilet, ingenuity, etc.
The following comments were also received from the respondents regarding specific cleaning methods.

・ I clean it with a toilet cleaner and a brush about once a week. (Male, 35 years old)
・ While running water, add more water to prevent it from getting dirty. (Male, 42 years old)
・ Clean all visible parts of the toilet paper after each addition. (Male, 67 years old)
・ Clean one of them every time you enter. If you find it bothersome, clean only the toilet seat. (Female, 38 years old)
・ Be sure to thoroughly clean the room before you plan to visit. (Female 40 years old)
-Clean when replacing tiles, mats and covers. Once every three days, or every time it gets dirty. (Female, 52 years old)

The survey was conducted from September 1st to 5th, 2016 in the form of an internet survey. The respondents were 11,448 men and women in their teens to 50s or older. Of these, 5,912 were men and 5,536 were women.