Benelic Asian Interior Goods - Boots Duck

Benelic Asian Interior Good

s Boots Duck A new original capsule toy "Asian Interior Goods Boots Duck" will be available from Benelic from late August. The price is 400 yen (tax included) per set. There are 5 kinds in total. The size is approx. 80mm in length.

Asian Interior Goods Boots


The wooden duck figurines with boots on, which can be found in souvenir stores in Southeast Asia, have been made into capsule toys. The miniature size is approximately 8 cm in length, but the grain and texture of the wood have been carefully reproduced. The neck and legs are removable and can be moved, and the scarf can be swapped with other types, or the angle of the legs can be changed to display it in a sitting position.

There are a total of five colors available: green, pink, blue, gray dot, and black, each with different shades of wood grain, scarf, and boots. The "Asian style" interior can be easily incorporated by displaying them around a desk or in an entryway.

Benelic Asian Interior Goods - Boots Duck