to/one "Tone Petal Float Eyeshadow

to/one 2023 AW

Collection 2nd Collection

The natural and organic brand "to/one" will launch the 2nd collection of "to/one 2023 AW Collection" on August 9. The lineup includes all three colors of to/one Petal Float Eyeshadow, all three colors of to/one Eyebrow Shaping Pencil, and all three colors of to/one Eyebrow Nuance Color.

Available at to/one stores and WEB STORE nationwide. Make Kitchen stores and the to/one and Make Kitchen online stores will begin accepting reservations on July 21, and will begin pre-sales on July 29.

to/one 2023 AW Collection" 2nd Collection

Tone Petal Float Eyeshadow

to/one "Tone Petal Float Eyeshadow

A new dusty color is introduced to the popular, colorful eyeshadow lineup. The color lineup, which leads to dramatic eyes, consists of three colors: "23 Crevice Of City," "24 Dusk Veil," and "25 Dawning Sky," which are based on the image of a scene of the sky changing with time and the temperature of the light. Each is priced at 2,420 yen (tax included).

23 Crevice Of City

A cool blue and gray, like an early morning overcast sky seen through the cracks of a building.

24 Dusk Veil

A beige and orange with shimmering gold pearls, reminiscent of a sunset sky.

25 Dawning Sky

Bordeaux and pink that evoke warmth and intelligence.

Tone Eyebrow Shaping Pencil

to/one "Tone Eyebrow Nuance Color" and "Tone Eyebrow Shaping Pencil
Left: Tone Eyebrow Nuance Color Right: Tone Eyebrow Shaping Pencil

An eyebrow pencil with a water-proof formula that allows you to freely design your eyebrows to your liking. The fine core is only 1.5mm in length, yet it is resistant to breakage and allows you to delicately draw each eyebrow hair. In addition, plant-derived paste oil provides a soft and smooth drawing experience. The product is available in three nuanced colors that can be easily matched with colored hair. Priced at 1,980 yen each.

Tone Eyebrow Shaping Pencil

Tone Eyebrow Nuance Color

Eyebrow mascara with a water-proof formula for a soft look and free style. The "powdery liquid formula" changes to a powdery texture as the moisture volatilizes on the eyebrows, creating softly textured, three-dimensional eyebrows.

Tone Eyebrow Nuance Color

The small brush with dense, stiff bristles makes it easy to adjust the amount of liquid applied and blend the color evenly as you see fit to create soft-looking brows. The color is nuanced to match even high-tone hair, allowing you to freely enjoy eyebrow makeup. Available in three colors: 01 Light Beige, 02 Ash Pink, and 03 Brick Brown. Priced at 2,640 yen each.