"Afternoon Tea" Tea Cocktail Recipe
Relax with the scent of black tea

As the nights get colder, I have more opportunities to drink stronger sake than the beer I used to drink every day in the summer.

We recommend tea cocktails to enjoy the "scent of black tea" in such a season. This time, we will introduce a cocktail recipe that is perfect for cold nights and parties, using the familiar Kirin's "afternoon tea".

"Afternoon Tea" Tea Cocktail Recipe
It's easy because you don't have to brew from tea leaves.

HOT ginger milk tea

"Afternoon Tea" Tea Cocktail Recipe
Adult milk tea with rum

Afternoon tea Milk tea 150ml (5.07us fl oz)
Myers Rum (Dark) 60ml (2.03us fl oz)
Grated ginger 2g (0.07oz)
1 cinnamon stick

"Afternoon Tea" Tea Cocktail Recipe
Mix warm tea with other ingredients

"Afternoon Tea" Tea Cocktail Recipe
Stir with cinnamon sticks

If you follow the amount, you will feel a lot of alcohol, so adjust the amount of rum to your liking. The gorgeous scent of tea and lamb and the stimulation of ginger are soothing, and your body will warm up.

The following is an arrangement using sangria and plum wine, which are popular with women.

Apple and cassis tea sangria

"Afternoon Tea" Tea Cocktail Recipe

Afternoon tea Straight tea 60ml (2.03us fl oz)
Red wine 45ml (1.52us fl oz)
Creme de cassis 15ml (0.51us fl oz)
1/8 apple 1 cinnamon stick

Creamy tea plum wine

"Afternoon Tea" Tea Cocktail Recipe

Afternoon tea Milk tea 90ml (3.04us fl oz)
Umeshu 15ml (0.51us fl oz)
Baileys 15ml (0.51us fl oz)

A tea cocktail that is a little more fashionable than usual. Why don't you make it on a holiday you want to relax or in a place where people gather?