Gakken Plus "Natural Gardening 2017"

Gakken Plus has released a book "Natural Gardening 2017" that summarizes ideas for "garden making" that you can easily enjoy. The price is 1,430 yen (excluding tax).

This book covers many gardening masters who enjoy gardening in various styles. Through abundant photographs and examples, know-how such as ideas that can be enjoyed even in a small garden, how to combine plants and miscellaneous goods, and handmade using petit plastic materials are summarized. An original mini poster and postcard are also included as a binding appendix.

Gakken Plus "Natural Gardening 2017"
The idea of making a corner in front of the entrance a display corner

Gakken Plus "Natural Gardening 2017"
The balcony is also a garden space using a wooden fence

Gakken Plus "Natural Gardening 2017"
Examples of displaying various plants as miscellaneous goods and wood boxes

The contents are as follows.

The space like a room is my style! Enjoying gardening with a display ・ PART2
Inorganic veranda, narrow space, sunshine conditions ... Clear the handicap and get the ideal space ・ PART3
PART4, a small green cafe in my home where you can spend a relaxing time
Thorough research with actual ideas and catalogs Item selection that complements the display ・ PART5
Succulents are perfect Garden with the keyword "cool" PART6
Utilizing petit plastic miscellaneous goods Handmade green decoration COLUMN
Not just potted plants! How to use dry & fake plants that make a mistake in the room Let's remake when replanting Succulent plant maintenance