Deodorant hotel dessert scent and exciting floral scent

New scents "Hotel dessert scent" and "Waku Waku floral scent" have been added to ST's deodorant air freshener "Deodorant power". It will be on sale from March 31st. The actual retail price is around 410 yen (tax included).

The scent of hotel dessert is a new scent of "deodorant power for entrance and living room". "The scent of tropical fruits is exciting, with the image of an elegant hotel sweets buffet."

Deodorant hotel dessert scent

The exciting floral scent is a new scent of "deodorant power for toilets" and "deodorant power for toilet sprays". It is a floral scent that is popular among the younger generation, and it is said to be a scent that "captivates the heart with fresh citrus pouring into a yellow bouquet."

Exciting floral scent with deodorant power