PLAZA "I believe in pink" series

The "I believe in pink" series, which has pink-collar products, is now available under the brand "in private" of the imported lifestyle goods store PLAZA. It will be sold at PLAZA and MINiPLA from the beginning of March.

The series is designed with the motifs of "flamingo" and "rainbow". "The exquisite pink coloring that can be used like an adult while having a girlish design" is said to be attractive. It is said that it also has the functionality unique to "in-private" such as a water bottle and a washable pouch that are useful for new life.

A part of the lineup is as follows. The listed price does not include tax. The products we handle vary depending on the store.

■ All 4 types of water bottles 1,250 yen each

PLAZA "water bottle"

A water bottle containing 500 ml. A flamingo pattern and a lip pattern are available.

■ Washable pouch tote 2 colors 2,000 yen each
■ Square L size All 2 colors 1,200 yen each
■ Square S size All 2 colors 900 yen each

PLAZA Washable Pouch Tote

A pouch for carrying clothing and underwear. It can be washed in the washing machine as it is.

■ Tissue pouch 1,600 yen
■ Jewelry pouch 2,000 yen
■ Drawstring purse 1,800 yen

PLAZA tissue pouch

Pouches with one point of pink rainbow.

■ iPhone case (6 / 6s / 7 compatible) 2,500 yen

PLAZA iPhone case

An iPhone case with an eye-catching pink rainbow die cut. Silicon type.