"Ball Pentel" 45th anniversary limited model
The body that is not green is fresh!

Pentel has released a limited edition product to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the release of the water-based ballpoint pen "Ball Pentel". The price is 150 yen per bottle (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Ball Pentel appeared in 1972 as "the world's first resin chip water-based ballpoint pen". The unique writing comfort is loved all over the world, and the cumulative number of books sold reaches 1 billion.

Image of "Ball Pentel"
"Ball Pentel" (Source: Pentel official website)

The limited edition model commemorating the 45th anniversary of its release uses low-saturation and pop coloring in the image of "coloring of 80's manga magazines". It is developed in the existing ink colors of black, red, and blue, respectively. Ball diameter 0.8 mm.

"Ball Pentel" 45th anniversary limited model
From the left, yellow, emerald green, purple (Source: Pentel official website)

In addition, a 7-color set including 4 limited-edition inks of "green, orange, brown, and purple", which are not available in existing products, is also available. The price is 1,050 yen.

"Ball Pentel" 45th anniversary limited model
I want this! (Source: Pentel official website)