Daiso "New Year's greeting stickers
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Nenga Stamp, Nenga Sticker

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enga Pouch from Daiso Make your New Year's more festive with 100-yen items! Check out the New Year's items sold by Daiso: "Nenga Stamp," "Nenga Sticker," and "Nenga Pochibukuro! Priced at 110 yen each (tax included).



Why not make your own original New Year's greeting cards with DAISO's Nenga stamps? There are many variations from cute stamps to old-fashioned stamps. You can choose and combine them according to the taste of the New Year's card you want to make! Priced at 110 yen for each type.

Daiso "New Year's greeting stamp" (Japanese only)

Nengajirushi (New Year's card stickers

) These stickers can be used to make original New Year's cards. They can be used not only as decorations for New Year's cards, but also for Pochibukuro, small New Year's gift wrappers, etc.

Daiso "New Year's greeting stickers



Nenga Pochibukuro for the year 2024. We have a wide variety of designs.

Daiso "New Year's gift bag

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