Tokyo Nishikawa "Health pillow recommended by doctors"
I tried the popular pillows from Nishikawa, Tokyo

Spring, when the seasons and lifestyles change, is prone to stress both physically and mentally, so I want to prepare a sleeping environment now. Pillows are easy to change, but full-order pillows are a bit expensive, aren't they? We would like to introduce the strongest cospa pillows recommended for such people!

Hit pillow developed with a doctor

The "Health Pillows Recommended by Doctors" series developed by Nishikawa Sangyo is a long-selling product with a cumulative total of over 3.8 million units shipped. The hit pillow has been renewed this year to make it even more comfortable to sleep in.

Tokyo Nishikawa "Health pillow recommended by doctors"
Available at department stores, bedding specialty stores, furniture stores, etc. nationwide

The pillow, which was jointly developed with Dr. Okuyama of the orthopedic surgery "Satsukigaoka Clinic", features a three-dimensional shape that supports the "shoulders, neck, and back of the head" with a unique pressure balance.

Tokyo Nishikawa "Health pillow recommended by doctors"
Concavo-convex structure based on the original "three-point support theory"

In this renewal, the width has been widened to support turning over, and it is said that a soft material that is softer to the touch has been adopted. What kind of sleeping comfort is it? I have experienced it in the showroom!

5 types to choose from according to your taste and sleep

There are five types of "health pillows recommended by doctors". You can choose "higher or lower" for each, so even though it is an off-the-shelf product, it is quite a variation.

Tokyo Nishikawa "Health pillow recommended by doctors"
There are so many ...!

Each pillow has a different design and middle material according to individual worries such as "stiff shoulders", "stabilization of the neck", and "many sideways sleep" and how to sleep. When buying, it will be smooth if you choose while consulting with the store staff.

Tokyo Nishikawa "Health pillow recommended by doctors"
(Left) "More shoulder comfort" for people with stiff shoulders (Right) "More neck comfort" to stabilize the cervical spine

Tokyo Nishikawa "Health pillow recommended by doctors"
(Left) "More sleeping face beauty" wrapped softly (Right) "More shoulder comfort"

I also tried it on a mattress and often slept sideways, so I chose "more horizontal sleep".

Tokyo Nishikawa "Health pillow recommended by doctors"
Or measure with a dedicated instrument

Tokyo Nishikawa "Health pillow recommended by doctors"
Actually check the sleeping comfort * Installation of measuring instruments and mattresses varies depending on the store

Tokyo Nishikawa "Health pillow recommended by doctors"
I chose this

Since the sideways orientation requires a higher height than the backside, the form is higher on both sides. The center is also dented, so it can be used for lying on your back.

Tokyo Nishikawa "Health pillow recommended by doctors"
The side is fluffy

Can be fine-tuned and washed completely!

The point of this pillow is that you can fine-tune the height by putting in and taking out the stuffing even after you take it home. Even if the mattress you are using changes, you can always adjust it to the optimum height. By the way, it is said that the ideal sleeping posture is to tilt the standing posture as it is, so if it is difficult to understand, it is safe to ask your family to check it.

Tokyo Nishikawa "Health pillow recommended by doctors"
Can be fine-tuned with padding and pads

Tokyo Nishikawa "Health pillow recommended by doctors"
Easy to put in and out

In addition, depending on the middle material, it is also nice that it can be washed in a washing machine. The soft and fluffy side fabric is also comfortable to keep on your cheeks, but usually you should wear a pillow case that is easy to wash.

Anyway, a price that is easy to try

When I actually used it, the fit from the neck to the shoulders was very comfortable, and I had the impression that my arms were less likely to numb even when facing sideways. "Health pillows recommended by doctors" are 5,000 yen each (excluding tax, "Motto Shoulder Comfortable Sleep Premium" is 8,000 yen). Isn't it a pillow that is highly functional but fairly easy to try?

By the way, according to Mr. Hayami of Nishikawa, Tokyo, who made the pillow look like this time, the life of the pillow depends on the material, but it is about 5 years at the maximum. If you don't know when you bought the pillow or if you feel uncomfortable sleeping, now is the time to change it!