"AKOMEYA TOKYO" lucky bag
A delicious table and items that are indispensable for a comfortable life

Lucky bags for 2019 will be on sale from January 2, 2019 at each AKOMEYA TOKYO lifestyle shop that focuses on food. Reservations are also being accepted at the official online shop from today (December 20th) to December 27th.

"AKOMEYA TOKYO" lucky bag

The theme is "lucky bags that call fortune". It is said that the contents are luxuriously packed with cooked rice ingredients and daily necessities, including the store-limited rice "Ofukumai" dedicated to Izumo Taisha.

There are two types of lineup, "lucky bags to enjoy food and life" (5,000 yen) and "lucky bags to enjoy dining table" (3,000 yen) (both tax excluded). A lucky bag filled with special food and miscellaneous goods will be a great gift for the new year!

・ Lucky bag to enjoy food and life 5,000 yen
"AKOMEYA TOKYO" lucky bag

Dedicated rice to Izumo Taisha with original Masu "Ofukumai" 2 Go Setouchi Snapper and Sansho rice Akomeya soup stock Katsuo, grilled chin, vegetables 5P each
2 types of original towel tumbler (white or navy blue)

・ Lucky bag to enjoy the table 3,000 yen
"AKOMEYA TOKYO" lucky bag

Dedicated rice to Izumo Taisha "Fukumai" 2 Go Akomeya soup Miso soup 3 types / Nori chips (plum / brown rice)
Setouchi sea bream and Japanese pepper rice or dough cloth