Wassily sells the Elastic Fruit Basket, a basket that displays fruits floating in the air. This is a basket where you can use fruits as the interior of your room. It also has the effect of making the fruit last longer.

The "Elastic Fruit Basket" is a basket with silicone strings stretched around in a spider web shape. Use this string with fruit in between. This allows users to directly enjoy the color and aroma of the fruit.

That's not the only benefit of the Elastic Fruit Basket. The fruit does not underlay or rub against other fruits, making it less painful. For this reason, the Elastic Fruit Basket will make your fruits last longer.

Six colors are available: "Quicksilver", "Strong Black", "Pure White", "Passion Red", "Leaf Green", and "Polar Blue". The price on the sales site Fancy is $ 148 (about 15,170 yen), but a separate shipping fee to Japan of $ 79.95 (8,198 yen) is required.