Pantene Miracles "Discoloration Prevention Series"

From Pantene Miracles, "Discoloration Prevention Series" will be released on October 1st. "Cashmere hair" is achieved with a double approach of color fading prevention and damage repair.

"Discoloration" is a problem that many people who color their hair have. One of the causes is serious damage, especially when coloring, because the cuticle is opened and dye is put in, the natural protective film on the hair surface is lost and it becomes fragile. The outflow of pigments and proteins inside the hair causes the balance inside the hair to be lost, leading to discoloration and damage. In order to keep the color, it is important that the cuticle is closed tightly and the hair repels water.

Hair using Pantene Miracles "Discoloration Prevention Series"

"Color Shine Capsule Mix Cream", which adopted the first color lock technology in the history of Pantene, is a thick cream that keeps the veil on the hair surface. It closes the cuticle tightly and helps the hair to repel water. Prevents discoloration by staying on the hair surface even after rinsing.

Pantene Miracles "Discoloration Prevention Series"

Contains high-quality serum capsules. When mixed with the palm of your hand, the beauty essence component pops and penetrates into the hollowed out hair with coloring to repair serious damage.

Pantene Miracles Color Shine Capsule Mix Cream

"Color Shine Shampoo & Treatment" is sulphate-free and has a unique formula to achieve a firm lather. The creamy lather can gently wash the skin, reducing tangling and squeaking after shampooing. Firmly removes dirt without damaging the cuticle after coloring.

Pantene Miracles Color Shine Shampoo & Treatment