BANDAI "Demon Slayer Multi Cream 2"

From Bandai's cosmetics brand "CreerBeaute", "Demon Slayer Multi Cream 2", which is based on the 13 characters that appear in the TV anime "Demon Slayer", is now available. Reservations will be accepted from 13:00 on October 13th at the official Bandai shopping site "Premium Bandai".

Birth flowers and silhouettes of each character are designed on the lid of the container of about 55 mm. The bottom with the lid open is also a luxurious specification where you can enjoy the illustrations of each character through the transparent cream.

BANDAI "Demon Slayer Multi Cream 2"
Usage image

Multi-cream containing 6 kinds of beauty moisturizing ingredients that moisturize the skin can be used on the whole body such as face, body and hair. The elegant scent of each birth flower floats softly.

The lineup is 4,840 yen for A assortment of 4 pieces and 3,630 yen for B, C, D assortment of 3 pieces (consumption tax included, shipping and handling not included). The product will be shipped in March 2020. The details of each assortment are as follows.

BANDAI "Demon Slayer Multi Cream 2"
Container design (top of lid)

BANDAI "Demon Slayer Multi Cream 2"
Container design (inside)

■ A Assorted Nezuko Kamado: Nadeshiko A gentle scent of Nadeshiko Nezuko Kamado: Pomegranate A fresh, fruity, sweet scent of pomegranate Zenitsu Agatsuma: Margaret A warm margaret scent like a sunny day Inosuke Hashibira: Astor The scent of aster that feels cool and expansive

■ B Assorted Yoshiyuki Tomioka: Peony A scent of peony that is glossy and noble.

■ C Assort Purgatory Anjuro: Iris A refreshing scent of iris with a Japanese taste Muichiro Toki: Azalea Azalea scent that is delicately and gently scented Kanroji Mitsuru: Rose A splendid large rose scent

■ D Assorted Mitsuya Immortal River: Begonia The scent of begonia that feels the breath of the earth Iguro Kobayashi: Dahlia The scent of dahlia that has delicacy in its strength The scent of the lower beauty

* The scent name and scent explanation are images. "Ne + Ne" is the correct notation for "Ne" of Sadako

(C) Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha / Aniplex / ufotable