Pore Nashiko Rice oil

From the pore care brand "Pore Nashiko" of Ishizawa Research Institute, "Pore Nashiko Rice Oil" will be released in advance at lofts nationwide on November 27 (some stores may have different sales). Released on December 7th at Ishizawa Research Institute official mail order and variety shops nationwide.

"Pore Nashiko Rice Oil" is 100% domestic rice "rice bran oil" made by squeezing freshly picked rice and adding nothing. Only about 2g (0.07oz) of fresh brown rice can be taken from "rice bran oil", which contains plenty of rice power such as vitamins and minerals to condition the skin and give it moisture, luster and firmness. It has no odor and has a smooth feel that is familiar to the skin.

Pore Nashiko Rice oil

It can be used not only for facial skin care but also for moisturizing the body and hair. When using on the face, apply the oil to the skin at the end of skin care. Gently blends into dry skin and keeps moisture firmly.

When using it on the body, use it with a little moisture on the skin after taking a bath. Smooth out the parts that are worrisome of dryness. It is also recommended to massage.

When using it on hair, apply it to towel-dried hair after washing. For glossy hair with damaged hair tips that are moisturized.

The capacity is 60 mL. The price is 1,815 yen (tax included).