Nitori "Heat-resistant glass storage containers that can be vacuumed

Nitori "Heat

-resistant glass storage containers that can be vacuumed" Nitori sells "Heat-resistant glass storage containers that can be vacuumed". Available at some stores and on the Nitori Internet.

Heat-resistant glass storage containers that can be vacuumed


With the cost of electricity and other living expenses on the rise, Nitori developed this product in response to requests for saving money and eliminating food wastage. By creating a vacuum inside the storage container, food oxidation is inhibited and moisture is prevented. Recommended for storing pre-prepared foods, leftover side dishes, and leftover bento dishes. It is also ideal for storing food that you want to keep dry or pet food.

The container is made of heat-resistant glass, so it can be used in microwave ovens and ovens. The transparency of the glass enhances the food and can be served directly to the table, reducing the amount of washing up. It is also resistant to odor and color transfer, making it possible to store a wide variety of foods and ingredients. The transparent lid allows you to see the contents, making it easy to remove and organize.

By pressing the vacuum pump (sold separately) against the valve on the lid and suctioning, a vacuum is created inside the storage container (approx. 5-8 suction cycles for 370ml (12.51us fl oz) size). With packing and 2-sided lock, the container is airtight and secure.

Nitori "Heat-resistant glass storage containers that can be vacuumed

Sizes and prices are as follows
370ml (12.51us fl oz)/499 yen
650ml (21.98us fl oz)/599 yen
1,040ml (1.35us fl oz)/999 yen

Manual suction pump (MW092)/699 yen

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