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Summary of recommended items for couples' bedrooms that can be purchased at Nitori

We will introduce miscellaneous goods and furniture that are perfect for a married couple's bedroom that can be purchased at Nitori. 5 types including chandeliers and cushions.

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Chrome frame and black shade

gossip lamp images

This chandelier features a delicate chrome-colored frame that resembles strings. Since it is based on black, it goes well with a bedroom with a calm atmosphere. The shade emits a soft light, making it the perfect light before bed. It comes with sparkling beads and chains that brighten up the entire room. The price is 33000 yen

Custom cushion cover (OD047 45X45)

custom cushion cover

Orange, blue, and yellow flowers and green leaves are drawn on a white background. Although it is colorful, it has a watercolor-like touch, so it is not too flashy and has just the right amount of gorgeousness. Even a simple bed or sofa area will be brightened up with just this cushion. The size is 45cm in length and width, so it fits many cushions. The price is 1490 yen.

glass shade floor lamp ANV

glass shade floor lamp

The round shape is cute and the lamp provides just the right amount of brightness. A beautiful glass shade with pleats inspired by seashells creates an elegant atmosphere. The cord is relatively long at 2m, so it should be easy to install it wherever you like. Even a simple bedroom will have a stylish atmosphere with just this lamp. Perfect for reading before bed or as a light for couples to chat. The price is 14,480 yen.

[Houseplant] Mini rose shallow type 300 (yellow)

[Ornamental plants] Mini rose shallow type 300

Yellow roses and bright green leaves are beautiful and will brighten up your entire bedroom. Adding yellow to even a simple bedroom will give it an energetic atmosphere. The flowerpot is a soft brown color, giving the whole potted plant a warm atmosphere. The price is 9800 yen.

canvas poster (poppy)

canvas poster (poppy)

Red poppies have an energetic atmosphere, and when you look at them, you get a boost of energy. Red has a slightly muted tone, so it goes well with a bedroom that has basic colors such as brown and white. Since it is a jagged metal fitting type, installation is easy. The size is just the right size: width 36 x depth 2 x height 36 cm. The price is 599 yen.

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