Potpourri Pure Faure with oil

Summary of recommended items for “university students” that can be purchased at Nitori

We will introduce a collection of interior goods recommended for college students that can be purchased at Nitori. 5 types including potpourri and canvas posters.
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Potpourri Pure Faure with oil (Jasmine)

Potpourri Pure Faure with oil

The orange color-based potpourri has a jasmine scent. It contains plenty of fruits and nuts, making it both cute and natural. If you leave it in your room, it will not only make your room look gorgeous and stylish, but it will also fill you with a nice scent. If the scent becomes difficult to detect, you can add the included oil. Potpourri can be arranged in any way you like, such as in a basket or in a jar. The price is 799 yen.

Canvas poster (herb 36 x 36 cm)

canvas poster

Incorporating plants into your room can enhance the relaxing effect. However, it can be difficult to grow plants if you live alone. This product is a poster with herbs printed on it. Herbs that look real can brighten a room and make it a relaxing space. It comes with a set of jagged metal fittings, so you can hang it on the wall. The price is 999 yen.

Fluffy sofa for one person with washable cover

Fluffy sofa for one person with washable cover

A sofa for one person with a fluffy and chewy feel. The size makes it easy to place in a single room (width 80 x depth 83 x height 72 cm), so depending on how you place it, you can also place it in a small room. The cover is removable and easy to wash, so you can always keep it clean. The price is 11,990 yen.

Chewy cushion Medamayaki

fried egg cushion

A realistic medallion cushion that can be mistaken for a real fried egg. The cushion is full of humor, so it's not only soothing in your daily life, but it's also sure to be a topic of conversation when your friends come over. It has a fluffy and chewy texture that feels good on the skin, so it's sure to come in handy when relaxing or going to bed. It can be washed by hand, so you can wash it when it gets dirty. The price is 1490 yen.

Gusseted seat cushion

Gusseted cushion

This product is a stylish cushion with a simple design, but with attention to detail. The side fabric is 100% cotton, making it gentle on the skin. It's thick and sturdy, so it won't hurt your butt. This cushion is comfortable to sit on, so you can reduce fatigue and concentrate even when studying for long periods of time. The price is 1990 yen.

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