Nitori Deco Home introduces popular home appliances in mocha color that are perfect for preparing for a new life

In mid-January 2024, Nitori released a mocha-colored home appliance with a simple design that is easy to match with the interior of your room. It is sold at stores and Nitori Net.

Lineup of basic and popular home appliances

The lineup includes electric kettles, toaster ovens, takoyaki and mini hot plates, and wide hot sandwich makers. We have a wide selection of easy-to-use kitchen appliances that will help you start a new life.

Easy-to-operate electric kettle

The electric kettle (1,990 yen including tax) allows you to easily boil water.

Toaster oven with 4-level wattage switching function

The toaster oven (3,990 yen including tax) uses low-wattage cooking to prevent burning and heats food thoroughly.

2 functions in 1: Takoyaki & mini hot plate

Takoyaki & Mini Hot Plate (2,990 yen including tax) allows you to use two types of plates in one.

A wide hot sandwich maker that makes delicious bread crusts

The Wide Hot Sand Maker (2,990 yen including tax) allows you to bake two slices of bread at a time without having to cut them.

Cute mocha color kitchen goods

Nitori also sells a variety of mocha-colored kitchen items that can be matched with mocha-colored home appliances to create a unified kitchen.