Order curtain Ergo 2 yellow double pleats

Summary of yellow items that can be purchased at Nitori

We will introduce yellow items that can be purchased at Nitori that will add a pop of color to your room. 5 types including curtains and sofas. button https://enuchi.com/click/10 https://image.enuchi.jp/upload/elife/banner.jpg

Order curtain Ergo2 yellow

Order curtain Ergo 2 yellow double pleats

The white fabric has yellow flowers printed all over it for a gorgeous look. Just by installing these curtains, the entire room will be bright and gorgeous. Also, the yellow is not too strong and has a calming tone, so it won't make the room look too flashy. This product has shape memory processing that allows it to maintain its shape even after washing. You can wash it in your washing machine at home, so you can always keep it clean. The price is 16,000 yen.

corner upholstered sofa

Corner upholstered sofa yellow

As the name suggests, this product is a sofa that is perfect for placing in the corner of your room. Since you can make good use of the corners of your room, you can not only place a sofa in a small room, but also leave some extra space in the room even if you place a sofa. The color is a calming yellow, giving it a gorgeous yet calming feel. The price is 59,290 yen.

Sensor-type open/close trash can

Sensor-type open/close trash can

This is a cute sensor-type trash can with a cute yellow color. The width is 26cm and the height is 30.5cm, which is a good size, so it is recommended for use in the living room or office. This product is equipped with a sensor, so when you wave your hand over it, the lid opens and closes automatically after 5 seconds. The silicone seal on the back of the lid firmly prevents odor leakage. It weighs around 1kg, which reduces the burden of transport. The price is 7370 yen.

single upholstered sofa

Single upholstered sofa yellow

This product is a sofa that has a suitable height and is comfortable to sit on. The warm fabric material used gives warmth to your room. Also, the fluffy comfort of sitting is addictive. It comes with a wooden armrest, so you can rest your elbows and relax. The overall design is luxurious and stylish. The price is 17,990 yen.

Duvet cover single (mimosa)

duvet cover mimosa

A very popular mimosa pattern duvet cover. The white fabric has mimosas printed on it for a gorgeous and cute design. The inside is a bright yellow color with a pop design. The fully open zipper allows you to easily put in and take out the futon. The 6 buttons make it difficult for the futon to shift. The price is 2490 yen.

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