Nitori's new New Year's Deco Home series brightens up your room with natural items.

Nitori's new products filled with natural materials are now on sale at Deco Home and Nitori Net. The new series includes colorful spring-inspired items that are sure to brighten up your room.


A relaxing living room with natural materials

In the living room, where the texture of natural materials is gentle, cushion covers and storage boxes made of natural materials create an even warmer space. Cushion covers and storage boxes with a vintage feel create a warm and relaxing living room.

A dining room that brings the feeling of spring to the dining table

In the dining room, light plates with a mimosa pattern and stylish acacia plates brighten up the dining table. By using colorful tableware, you can feel the arrival of spring.

A kitchen with a personal touch

The kitchen is equipped with cute electric kettles, hot sandwich makers, aprons, and other items to create a space where you can feel like yourself while cooking. Also, why not feel the spring early with a pair of leaf-patterned slippers or a kitchen mat?

A bedroom where you can take a breather

In the bedroom, we create a space where you can feel the breath of spring with duvet covers and pillow covers that incorporate patterns with natural motifs, a mimosa-patterned cosmetics carrier, and a sophisticated gold-framed mirror.

A bathroom that makes you feel fresh

In the bathroom, you can always feel fresh by stocking spring-inspired dress towels, spa bags, and toothbrush pouches. Also, by incorporating spring into the spaces you use every day, you will be able to soothe the fatigue of the day.