pollen sunglasses pictures

Summary of recommended spring items that can be purchased with 3COINS

We will introduce recommended spring items that can be purchased with 3 COINS. 5 types including pollen sunglasses and LED tripod selfie stick.
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pollen sunglasses

pollen sunglasses images

Stylish pollen sunglasses with a transparent brown color that looks like spring. It blends well with your skin and goes well with a variety of outfits. It has excellent functionality, and the large outer frame protects the eyes and prevents pollen from entering. Furthermore, this product also has the effect of blocking UV rays, so it can also be used as sunglasses to protect against UV rays. The luminous transmittance is 31.6%. The price is 550 yen.

LED tripod selfie stick

LED tripod selfie stick image

In spring, the frequency of going out increases. I want to preserve my memories from my travels in the form of photos. This product has a 2-way design with a selfie stick and tripod, so you can change the shooting method depending on the scene. In addition to being able to shoot vertically or horizontally, you can also shoot from a distance using the included Bluetooth remote control. It is also equipped with an LED light, so you can bring out your charm even more. The brightness of the LED light can be adjusted in 3 levels, so please choose according to your preference. The price is 1320 yen.

pearl smartphone strap

pearl smartphone strap

Since you often use your smartphone when you're out and about, it's convenient to keep it hanging from your shoulder. This product has a pearl strap and is classy and cute. It goes well with both conservative style coordination and girly fashion, and can be used regardless of age. It can also be used as an accessory, so it is also recommended for days when you want to add an accent to your outfit. It can be used not only for smartphones, but also for regular cases with strap holes, keys, etc. The price is 330 yen.

One shoulder eco bag

One shoulder eco bag

By using this product, both hands are free, allowing you to move around more actively. A diagonal style eco bag is a rare item. It has a load capacity of approximately 6 kg, so it can hold your essentials when going out and items you purchase on the go. When not in use, it can be folded and stored compactly. Due to its simple design, it goes well with any coordination. The price is 550 yen.

plain crew socks

plain glue socks

The soft yellow color is spring-like and will be the focal point of your spring coordination. Due to its light color, it goes well with a variety of coordinations. The yarn used is resistant to pilling, so the burden of maintenance is kept to a minimum. The price is 330 yen.

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