Winter limited premium Lulurun snow (white vanilla scent)

From the face mask "Premium Lululun" series, "Winter Limited Premium Lululun Snow (white vanilla scent)" is on sale in limited quantities. The content is 7 pieces x 5 bags, and the price is 1,600 yen (excluding tax).

A face mask with a sweet scent and winter plant power that leads to beautiful skin like sparkling snowflakes. The extra-thick plump sheet supports the penetration of moisture into the skin.

Winter limited premium Lulurun snow (white vanilla scent)

Beautiful secret

Snow Algae
Snow Algae (ice and snow algae), which dyes snowfields in crimson, is characterized by having a strong vitality to survive in the extreme environment of the ice sea in the middle of winter. This rare extract derived from Snow Arge approaches winter environmental damage such as dryness and leads to clear and smooth skin.

Snow Algae (ice and snow algae)

◆ Flowers in the snow
Contrary to their pretty appearance, the flowers in the snow are named because they bloom robustly even in the cold snow. Contains an extract extracted from the roots to condition the skin.

Secchuuka blooming in the snow

◆ Yukinoshita
Yukinoshita, which has been popular as a Japanese and Chinese plant for a long time and has a flower language such as deep affection and love, is used as a beauty ingredient. The strong vitality that does not wither even if it blooms under the snow gives the skin firmness and luster.

Blooming Yukinoshita